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November 4, 2015

The Value of a Mindset Coach

I coach many people who have lost their jobs through the process of redundancy and have lost their confidence and self esteem as a result.

Despite rationally being told and understanding that their job no longer exists in the new structure, underneath their iceberg lies the question of why wouldn’t the organisation find me another role if they thought I was capable and if they thought that I was doing a great job?

Having come from a career in HR, I know for a fact that Organisations let go of some really capable and hardworking people as a result of an Organisational restructure and that sometimes people really are just the victim of circumstance rather than anything of their own doing.

However, the fact of the matter is that most people put their heart and soul into their jobs. Many people get their sense of self-worth from the work that they do and people these days work tirelessly to keep up with the demands of their role. So when they are “let go” from an Organisation, they can feel really lost, hurt and their confidence impacted. It can often feel like a relationship betrayal where the victim is left wondering, why me and what did I do to deserve this?

Organisations try to assist by providing Outplacement services to the impacted employee but often people are not ready to face re-employment at that point or even contemplate it without first unpacking what has just happened to them and how they feel about the situation and themselves.

Being made redundant from an Organisation can be a grieving process where the person first needs to feel the pain, unpack and understand the hurt and then work out the game plan from there. The biggest obstacle in all of this is often ourselves and our mindset, our ability and willingness to let go of the past and visualise and believe that an even brighter and more fulfilling future lies ahead.

The key is to first heal the broken heart, the part of us that feels not good enough, not smart enough and rejected by the Organisation and often ourselves. It is about recognising what are your strengths and values, who you are and what you have to offer the world.

It is true that some people are ready to move forward and find their next job, but for many people, they need to find themselves first and rebuild themselves and their confidence. The value to the Organsation in investing in a mindset coach, like myself, as soon as someone is notified of their role being made redundant is the preservation of the Organisation’s reputation, the engagement of the employee with the Company both during their notice period and after termination and importantly the company’s social responsibility for the impacted employee’s wellbeing.

Written by Sonia Motum, Executive Coach,

Sonia Motum
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