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February 25, 2015

Why Are Women So Critical of Themselves?

Do you think you are self-critical? Do you regularly put yourself down? Do you rarely feel good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, fit enough, good looking enough and overall just not enough?

Well unfortunately a lot of women share this view of themselves and it robs them of joy and happiness in their lives. Too many of us, never feel like we are enough, just as we are. We spend too much of our time comparing ourselves to others or an ideal image and feel like we fall short.

Every single one of us has a unique set of skills, abilities, gifts, strengths and weaknesses. Not one of us is exactly the same, so why do we feel compelled to compare ourselves to others, particularly when we are not even comparing like for like?

It is time that we start recognising and acknowledging our own unique set of attributes. What makes us different and special? What are our true gifts and talents and how can we leverage these?

Articles have been written about women generally needing to feel over 100% capable of doing a role before they feel comfortable to take it on. They then feel like they need to prove themselves in the role, before even thinking about their next role or promotion. So in essence too many of us are perfectionist and our goals are not lofty enough to see us reach our full potential. We too often limit our own success and happiness.

We live in our own heads, instead of living mindfully. We tend to focus on the negative, and by doing so we attract more negative thought patterns into our lives. These negative thought patterns over time become our reality and stop us from ever being the best possible version of ourselves.

My passion is to help women feel good about themselves, their existence and to achieve happiness in all realms of their lives. If you would like to start honouring yourself, investing in your own development and taking time to focus inwards rather than on the outer world, then I would love to support you to achieve your goals, to lead a fulfilled and purposeful life and to reach your full potential. You can contact me at

I am really interested in hearing your story and how your limiting or negative thought patterns may have held you back from reaching your full potential in the comments section below.

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