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March 25, 2020

Ten Tips for Re-scripting our Negative Self Bias

Our mindset is innately wired to protect us and hence our fight or flight response to ‘perceived’ threats. Because our minds have a negative bias to aid in our protection, we have to work deliberately and consistently to rewire the bias if we want to experience positive and helpful thinking styles and grow our self efficacy. So how do we do this?

  1. Start by noticing the habitual thought patterns that you have
  2. Notice what you say to yourself and the stories you create, particularly when you are outside of your comfort zone
  3. Keep a journal and take note of when you experience negative thoughts. What is happening in your environment or who is triggering you when you are telling yourself, you can’t, you should/shouldn’t or any other negative self talk you may experience
  4. Be aware of any self defeating comments, even when they are made in jest! These can subtly erode your confidence
  5. Notice and eliminate the use of minimizing language, such as ‘just’, ‘maybe’, ‘I can’t’, ‘perhaps’ etc
  6. Be conscious of your body language and deliberately change your body language to be more open and notice the difference in how you feel
  7. Interrupt all negative self analysis and talk. Every time your mind takes you there, say “Stop/Cancel”
  8. Reframe negative thoughts to positive ones. Ask yourself, what if? How could I? If I trusted myself, then what?
  9. Leverage your strengths as often as you can. The more you do the things you love and that come easy to you, the happier you are
  10. Be kind and compassionate to yourself and just do you best! That is enough!

Sonia Motum has a passion for behavioural coaching and mentoring others to positively transform their lives. Sonia successfully supports her clients to uncover and reshape what is driving their thoughts, beliefs and resulting behaviour using evidenced based techniques, tools and resources. Please connect with Sonia Motum on Linkedin or at

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