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April 28, 2016

Our Beliefs Can Keep Us Stuck and Unhappy

We learn from a very early age from those people who have the greatest influence on us, how best to navigate and survive the challenges and joys of life.

When we speak up and are punished as a young child, we learn to keep quiet. Similarly, when we are acknowledged, loved and rewarded for being communicative, confident and outgoing, we tend to speak up and repeat this behaviour because of the positive reinforcement we receive.

Our early childhood plays a significant role in shaping who we become in our adult lives. The people we are surrounded by at a young age, like our parents, relatives, teachers, friends and neighbours play an instrumental role in shaping our beliefs, fears and assumptions about life and our role in it that we carry through into adulthood.

Often these beliefs and fears are what hold us stuck in negative and repetitive patterns of behaviour and attracting people and things in our life that are not for our highest and greatest good. Because we have held onto these beliefs are fears for so long, they can sometimes become unconscious and influence our behaviour without us even being aware.

The story of the elephants in Asia that are captured at a very young age and tied to a tree with a thin piece of string demonstrates how this faulty thinking can occur. The young elephants, believe that they are restrained by the thin string because their attempts to escape require effort and cause them pain, so they give up trying, only to believe that they are captured and cannot ever escape.

When the baby elephants grow up and become one of the strongest and biggest animals in the world, that same piece of thin string still holds the adult elephant captive. This is because the elephant has come to believe in its limits. The string is not holding the elephant captive; the elephant is restraining itself by its own limiting belief. The elephant has held onto an outdated belief, fear or assumption as truth, even when it is no longer.

Similar to these elephants, we too hold onto beliefs, fears and assumptions that were formed in childhood and carried into adulthood. These limiting beliefs can include things we tell ourselves like, “I am not good enough”, “If I speak my authentic truth, there will be a price to pay”, “I am not smart enough”, “I am not loveable”, “I am not attractive enough, skinny enough” and the list goes on.

To shift these limiting fears and beliefs takes mindfulness, reframing of your thoughts, positive affirmations and a whole range of interventions and tools that require practice and commitment. Energy healing is a transformational way to release limiting fears and beliefs from your energy and to reprogram your thinking to a more expansive and positive frame of mind.

I can speak from experience in saying that energy healing works and clients even after one session comment that they feel calmer, more connected, positive and conscious of their inner voice.

Energy healing is a modality that needs to be experienced rather than intellectualised. There is little to lose by trying it and a whole lot to gain.

If you would like some support in shifting your limiting beliefs and fears that have held you stuck in negative and recurring patterns of thoughts and behaviours, then please contact me at



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