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April 14, 2020

How to Successfully Work from Home

It can be challenging to be motivated and focused when working from home. We can easily sit at our desk all day yet achieve little; become distracted by the household chores that need doing, the kids who are demanding our attention and the lure of social media and daytime television.

So how do we stay focused and achieve our goals when working from home, so not only do we enjoy getting our work done, but also make time for ourselves and our personal needs too.

What supports us to have focused attention on achieving our goals and feeling an overall sense of purpose and wellbeing, is having a daily structure and peppering our day with self care rituals.

Without structure and rituals, we can waste a lot of time distracting ourselves, focusing on things that don’t serve our growth, meet our goals or enhance our wellbeing. After which, we can a tendency to judge ourselves for all the missed opportunities.

During this period of self isolation, set yourself a daily schedule that incorporates focused task time, movement, connection and relaxation.

Here are some tips to support you:

  • Rather than focusing on a long and never ending ‘to do’ list, which can feel overwhelming and create inertia, instead commit to doing a few critical tasks each day
  • Remove all distractions when needing to focus (eg: turn off your phone and physically move to a quiet space in the home)
  • Have concentrated bursts of focused attention throughout the day, as well as scheduled down time
  • Physically get up and move away from your desk or table, around every 90 minutes. This state change will help to refresh the mind and body and support in refocusing your attention
  • Make time to virtually connect with others throughout the day and consciously choose to put a smile on your dial when doing so. Genuinely ask others how they are doing
  • Before current restrictions change, get outside and go for a daily walk or do exercise. Breathe in fresh air, whilst maintaining social distancing
  • Meditate for 20 minutes twice a day, ideally morning and late afternoon
  • Incorporate some ‘me’ time into your day that fills your cup, whether it is journaling, dancing, stretching, reading a book, or listening to a podcast.
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