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October 28, 2015

Burn Out

There are an increasing number and way too many people suffering unnecessarily in the world. One in three people have depression, one in ten people are diagnosed with a mental disorder and the large majority of corporate clients that I know and have worked with are on the edge of burnout.

Too many people are feeling exhausted, anxious and stressed. They are experiencing memory loss, a lack of confidence, and a feeling of “is this it?” Surely there has to be more to my life than this?

Many of my clients love what they do and they remember when they were really passionate about their work and their life. But because of the pace, the demand and expectations of them at work and generally in life, they have lost their way, their mojo and their motivation.

They regularly work long hours, they struggle to prioritise their to do list as they believe and are told that everything is important and is needed to be done. They don’t have balance, they rarely prioritise their own needs over the needs of others and they often have a strong inner critic which all results in a lack of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

I believe that we all have an inner knowing which tells us when we are out of balance and whilst we often recognise the voice, we don’t always listen to it or more importantly act on it.

Now is the opportunity and the best time to bring your world back into balance. That means nurturing yourself, so you can in turn support others, without resentment, without guilt and without remorse. It means finding and exercising your boundaries in a healthy and constructive way and speaking your authentic truth at the appropriate times and in a compelling way. It involves reframing your inner dialogue from a critical and self-depleting tape that constantly plays in the background and undermines your confidence and joy to a more loving, compassionate and expansive dialogue that supports and encourages you to be at your best.

I am so incredibly passionate about helping others to lead purposeful, joyous and connected lives. I use and combine my experience and knowledge from having successfully worked in the corporate environment for over twenty years, including at Director level, together with my intuitive and healing gifts, my strong emotional intelligence, and evidenced based coaching and positive psychology frameworks and tools to support my clients to not only achieve their greatest potential but to do so in a sustainable way with joy, purpose and energy.


Sonia Motum
Founder and Director, Energy Coaching
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